Call me Structura

Enjoy this minimal one page and multipurpose theme based on Bootstrap and WPTF. It's really easy to use and have great customization power. Enjoy thousands of options and stunning features, post types engine, WooCommerce and WPML support.


Superior perfomance

Faster and lighter

Speed is everything. Almost instant server side load time. Average CSS filesize, gzipped, only 70KB, JS only 80KB. Every page load only the required script and CSS files. Only lightweight, focus on performance, plugins. Modular CSS, HTML and JS codes minimize redundancy and code size.

The easiest theme to use

Simple and funny

Maybe the most easy to use themes on the market. You can build your website by just copy and paste the snippets of the documentation. If you need some customization, it should be already available. Every Javascript-JQuery plugin is automatically initialized and the options are inserted directly into the HTML.

Support needed?

Customer support is one of our best services, we reply to all support requests within 24h, every day including Saturday and Sunday. We're Elite Authors with 5/5 stars rating.

Impressive documentation

The magic book

The only double documentation on the market for both WordPress and coding customization. It's not a simple guide but a powerful tool for build your website faster and better. You have a full access to 100+ documentation pages, hundreds of code snippets, complete list of settings, live examples and more.

Flexibility without limits

Simple and funny

A theme based on the concept of modularity. Small, independent blocks and components are linked together for creating the website. Each module has generic and the low-level functions that ensure the maximum flexibility. More than 80 components and 1000 options guarantee endless customization power.

12 header types

All header types can be fixed, transparent, side and hidden. Ready to use components like language and shop menus, social icons, search and more.




Top icons

Big logo

Middle box

Middle logo

Top logo

Side hidden




Built with WPTF

This theme is built with WPTF, a mobile and productivity oriented framework with an awesome flexibility. It contain 1000+ options and it's really easy to use. You can build your website faster and better. Any framework feature can be used within this theme.
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Hybrid Composer

Build your website with the innovative page builder

One-click import

Import the demo, exactly like the original, with one click

Colors scheme

Change all colors from the theme options panel with one click

Fully responsive

Fully responsive on notebook, tablets and smartphones

RTL Ready

Easily switch to RTL - Right To Left with one click

Full page Layout

A dedicated framework for the awesome fullPage.js

One page

Easily switch to one page or multi pages layout


Double framework with HTML, JS, CSS docs ready to use

Fully translatable

Fully WPML compatible with ready lang menu and more

Fonts selector

Choose up to two different Google Fonts for your site

Lightbox system

Lightbox system with grid, filters, sliders, video and more

Post type system

Create and display every post type you want in minutes